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Enjoy your time on the water with confidence in your boat's care
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With TCY’s PortCaptain service, your boat is always ready when you are. Contact us today for pricing and scheduling.

Captain Ben Davis provided many services for my yacht Wildflower, a 44’ Kelly Peterson. In his capacity as captain for open ocean deliveries, charters, surveyor, and refit project manager, he proved to be extremely skilled, conscientious, dedicated, and easy to work with. He is a man of high integrity who did what he said he would do on time! I highly recommend T.C.Y. to fulfill any of your yachting service needs.

– Tim Sherer, Owner, Goofy Foot Surf School, Maui Hawaii

True Course Yachting, Inc. offers on-demand Port Captain services that provide on-the-water management of your vessel. Our Port Captain programs offer the same benefits of a full-time professional captain at a fraction of the cost–and without a full-time, year-round commitment.

TCY’s on-demand services are a la carte. The first step is to design a customized program that best, and most economically, meet your needs. Build your program to maximize the potential of your boat and compliment your existing maintenance routine.

Much like a full-time captain, your Port Captain can do scheduled inspections, testing and maintenance of onboard systems. If you are away for extended periods, a Port Captain can oversee Long-Term Management of your boat, and take her out for routine sea trials to ensure that the battery bank is fully charged and all systems are functioning properly. Leaving you with the peace of mind that your boat is well cared for.
All aspects of On-the-water Maintenance can be handled by your Port Captain, who ensures that your boat stays ship-shape. Your Port Captain will:

  • develop safety and mechanical logs
  • coordinate routine cleaning
  • test all onboard systems
  • manage ongoing repairs
  • perform sea trials
  • stock and provision
  • EVEN prepare the boat for your next guests!

With TCY’s Port Captain service, your boat is always ready when you are.
Want to have your boat ready and waiting for you in a different harbor? Want it waiting for you, completely provisioned with the lights on welcoming you to your home away from home? Would you like to spend your next weekend sailing from ports unknown? Our Port Captains are also Delivery Professionals and can reposition your boat to another harbor, or locale – maximizing your on-the-water time in your destination of choice.

Our Port Captains

Experienced: Every TCY Port Captain is an experienced project manager who has overseen numerous refits, restorations, and new builds. Every TCY Port Captain is licensed by the USCG. Each brings their own variety of experience and skills with a common goal of providing excellent service to our clients.

Professional: Our Port Captains’ first priority is to establish a relationship with you and your boat in order to better understand and cater to your specific needs. This allows you to enjoy your time on the water with confidence in your boat, and gives you peace of mind while you’re away.