Project Management

From a simple cosmetic repair to a complete engine repower – we’ve got you covered.
We focus on your boat, so you can focus on boating.

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On about 48 hours notice, True Course Yachting found a yard in Norfolk to haul my boat, and arranged for transport. They then helped me find a yard in Maine to work on the boat over the Winter, and identified a superb outfit. I would never have found them on my own. That alone was worth their fee… TCY kept the work on schedule, while maintaining an excellent relationship with the yard. They also made some very useful contributions to the project… In summary, True Course was an invaluable resource. I would recommend their services to anyone who lacks the time or the experience to supervise work on a boat. They are real professionals.

– Grenville Byford, London, England

When his boat sprang a leak during a transatlantic crossing, TCY was able to secure the nearest port and get everything taken care of so he could continue on his way.

TCY’s Project Management takes a unique approach – our a la carte services are designed around the typical life cycle of a project. You may need help with a single phase, or TCY can steer from the beginning to the end of your project. We will also work with you to create a fully customized program – from a simple cosmetic repair to a complete engine repower – we’ve got you covered.


TCY can help you with all three phases of your next project:

Phase I: This is the proposal period, when you define the scope of work and choose a boat yard that matches the character of your project.

Phase II: This phase, the yard period, is often overlooked. Your boat must be professionally guided through the actual work to ensure that your goals are achieved.

Phase III: Sea trial, the final phase, is when you discover whether you’re ready for the season, or if you’ll be stuck tied to the dock. Because our programs are a la carte, you may need TCY for a single phase, or for the whole life cycle of the project.


Phase I: Proposal Period

During this phase TCY will work with you to define the scope of your next project, and to create an outline with all necessary technical details. Next, TCY will generate a formal Request for Proposal (RFP). With our years of industry experience and extensive network of contacts, we will then work to select the most appropriate yards for your project.

Selecting yards that fit the style and character of your project can be difficult – this this will set the tone for the work and set the project up for success!

Next, TCY will put the RFP out for bid. TCY can then initiate, coordinate, and host bidder meetings – often aboard the vessel – to ensure that all due diligence is completed.

TCY will then obtain and collect bids from the competing yards to be presented to you. Together, we will review the bids and select the best home for your project.

Choosing the right yard is key to the success of the project.

Phase II : The Yard Period

The Yard Period covers the phase in which the project is underway. Professional oversight, on behalf of the owner, is necessary to

ensure the best outcome of your project. Yet, for many owners it’s challenging to find time to stay in regular contact with the yard, or make consistent site visits.

That’s where TCY comes in. Our True Course Yard Captains are your on-the-ground advocates. Your Yard Captain will coordinate weekly meetings with the yard to generate progress reports and to ensure that the project stays on-time and on-budget.

Perhaps most helpful, your Yard Captain will serve as the single point of contact so you can maintain clear communication throughout the project.

Our Yard Captains have the expertise and technical knowledge to take your interests and effectively communicate them to the yard. Having an on-the-ground advocate will ensure that everything is taken care of, down the smallest detail.

Phase III: The Sea Trial

Too often you are on the water when you discover that a project did not quite go as planned. At least, this is frustrating. At most, it is dangerous. And it often results in an extended tie up at the yard.

When your boat is tied to the dock, you’re not sailing.

TCY will perform a professional sea trial – a shakedown – to ensure that the work has been completed as you envisioned, and to make sure that you will not be making unexpected trips back to the dock. Our professional captains, who know what to look for, will test all relevant systems and hold the yard to its warranty.

This will save you valuable time and money, and prevent headaches – to help you maximize your time on the water.